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Preorder: Howard Cardigan

Howard University letterman cardigan sweater: Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wear your Knitted Letterman Sweater all year round. The thick natural cotton fibers provide comfort in all climates by slowing heat transfer toward the body in the summer and away from the body in the winter. Our Knitted Letterman Sweaters are made of 100% natural cotton so your comfort is never compromised. 

Send your custom name via email to

Available in sixes 3XS - 5XL. All sizes are adult unisex, which is larger than traditional sizing. Use the size guide to select your size.

Custom Name/Number: The maximum number of characters is 20 including spaces. Custom Names are case-sensitive. If you’d like to include symbols, use only symbols on a keyboard. E.g. ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + < > ? , . / ; ' : " [ ] \ { } | Please make sure that there are no errors.The vendor is not responsible for errors due to misspellings, etc. Send your custom name via email to

Please THOROUGHLY REVIEW ALL INFORMATION prior to submission and make sure that there are no errors. The Elm Shop is not responsible for incorrect sizing, quantity, addresses, emails, or phone numbers or errors to custom name/number or any other information. 

Sweaters take 5-7 weeks to produce. An email will be sent with an update on the sweater production status and completion date. Shipping after sweater completion will be within 1 week and shipping confirmation will be sent via email 

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